Use of Information

NewRoads National Leasing (“NNL”) may collect and use information about the Borrower, Co-Applicant and Guarantor, including SIN, from their employer and credit bureau or any other person in connection with any of their dealings. NNL may disclose (automatically or upon request) credit information about the Borrower and/or Co-Applicant and/or Guarantor to credit bureaus and persons with whom the Borrower and/or Co-Applicant and/or Guarantor has or proposes to have financial dealings or if NNL believes disclosure is required by law.


How We Use Information

We use the information to establish and serve you as our customer; to help protect against fraud and error; as permitted or required by law; to determine whether any products or services are suitable for you and offer them to you.  If you do not wish to be notified about special offers you may withdraw consent by marking this checkbox.